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  1. I have the X-Star Premium and I repeatedly get the video signal interference message. I'm a new pilot and have been practicing on my 2 acre property and up until recently haven't gone more than 200 ft. horizontally from the home position. While I have several large trees and a metal building on the property I always maintain direct line of sight with the aircraft.

    I recently went to a large open area with at least one mile clear of obstructions in all directions and continued to get the error message. I then flew out 300 ft. horizontally and lost video altogether. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 8" Tab A with no cover to run the starlink app. Also, I have the antennas positioned according to the manual.

    I then went back home and flew with my S7 smart phone that is obviously much smaller and also has a light weight plastic cover. I was able to fly out 1000 feet before I turned around with only one interference message and no loss of video.

    Autel support does not feel that the problem is with the tablet but at this point I'm at a loss for how to fix this issue and I really want to fly with the 8" tablet.

    Anyone have experience or ideas with this issue?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Seems most issues come from the Android Platform. I don't see anyone with Apple devices having these issues.

    All my Apple devices are rock solid and have tried...

    I touch
    IPhone 5s
    IPhone 6 and Plus
    iPad MINI
    iPad Air

    Hopefully Autel will get this fixed for you guys.

    Hey, at least we don't have DJI flyaway issues!
  3. I've been out with my Shield K1 to 2200' with no problems with VI
  4. The video signal is between the controller and the aircraft all the tablet does is display it. I can't see there being a difference in signal because you switch viewing screens. BTW I use the galaxy tab A 8" with no problem out to about 3000' then I loose video and control signal actually control drops first by a few feet.
  5. Maybe turn the wifi on the tablet off or turn the tablet the other way. I use the same tablet with the home button to the right and have no problems out to 500 meters as long as I am up high enough to be visible. There really seems to be a lot of difference in people's performance.
  6. I have the same issue. I can't fly mine farther than 2500 feet before I lose video then not too long after the drone returns home. I talked to another guy who lives locally and has a XSP and he has same issue. Called the support line and the said it might be my tablet or antenna positioning. Haven't had a chance to try it with my I phone to see if that makes any difference.
  7. The last time I flew video loss was a big issue. Even with the drone just a few hundred feet away I constantly experienced video loss. I was using iPhone 7+ for the display.

  8. I'm also using a iPhone 7 and I loose video signal around 100ft and beyond. I've tried 3 Apple certified USB cables and still get loss of video signal every flight. I've not had a successful flight since owing the drone. This isn't my first drone and I do have the antennas properly placed as well.
  9. Just a thought but maybe try it again but this time try it without having your Iphone mounted in the cradle of the controller (assuming it is in there in the first place). This may take two people but try and keep the Iphone and controller as far apart as the usb cable allows. I am wondering if your getting some kind of EMI from the Iphone. Just a thought
  10. I have had very few problems. I have flown 1 3/4 miles. I use a cheap Digiland 40.00 tablet.
  11. I am new to Autel Premium Drone. I am always getting a Lost Video and it appears that I don't get any channels that work or the signal is week. I have tried 3 different I-Phones and two different cables. It can occur any place from 100 to 300+ feet. Once in a blue moon, by changing the Channels the video comes back. But not usually. Then I just land, power cycle, just the Drone, and leave the Controller and I-Phone in tacked. Then it resets and I take off again. Image is of the channels.

    It takes off, finds home, Pictures, Camera changes angles, etc. all just fine. Would this upgrade really do any good? Does the loss of signal have anything to do with the APP or the I-phone or cable? or is in only about the Drone? Can the Antenna or Drone Transmitter have a fault?

    Thank you,

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  12. Hi aphskett, welcome to the forum, I had my fair share of video interference initially, so first you have to make sure the antennas are towards the drone flight, you have to have Line of sight, for that the drone has to have no trees or buildings that might come between your RC antennas and the drone itself and this is normally achieved by having enough height to do so (depending on distance you may have to rise to 300 ft assuming the ground is level), lastly in my case I purchased antenna extenders that allowed me to extend my flight distance and have less interferences....see link below but I am Canadian so my amazon is Canadian too but you can find them on for the states.

    Good Luck
  13. I can tell anyone I work with RF all the time, The problem is they use the 900Mhz band for there video link! If you live in a area like I do that uses the 900Mhz band for Telemetry you will have short range, from 100ft to 300ft at best, When I took my drone away from Las Vegas, I started seeing apx. 2K to 3K feet of distance from me, but here around the city I could not get any kind of distance. In talking with there tech support, they use 900Mhz for video and know they have a problem with the video in a lot of areas of the USA. And to this date I have never lost a DJI drone and I have a few.
  14. I was under the impression that the Autel drone uses 5.8 ghz for the video and 2.4 ghz for the actual flight controlling.
  15. This issue has always existed I believe. I use a Galaxy Tab 10" and get video signal interference frequently. Sometimes I hear it when the XSP is hovering right in front of me, and other times I don't hear it until the XSP is far out across the land. It varies wildly but I do notice it much more if in an area with any developments or lots of trees in my path. Even when I hear the warning I often see that the video is stable on my device and I have good "bars" on my display. I recently set my personal best so far for distance at 2.57 miles! I did this with no modifications or boosters to the transmitter other than SkyReat reflectors on the antennae. I heard multiple alerts during the flight but never actually lost the view. Video dropped out a couple times but recovered within a couple seconds. I also had strong control signal the entire way and probably could have gone farther but, I decided that was far enough and brought her back myself. Everything came together that day! I think many factors are at play and I'm not sure what they are specifically. For my own case, it varies from place to place and situation to situation.

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