Video signal interruption

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  1. I get this warning at least once every time I fly. Anyone else have this?

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  2. It's the area that you are flying in. Flying in the air with less interference will reduce the occurrences of this message

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  3. I've logged 60 flights. I had only saw this a couple times until the last couple flights. I had this problem yesterday flying in wide open space looking at the drone. In an area I've flown in dozens of times with no problems.

    I was going to start a thread asking about this but you beat me to it. :)

    Curious if anyone has had this problem and discovered a remedy or method to improve it?
  4. I also have this problem. I bought the dbs Maxx to cure it. When I went to install it the ribbon connector's broke like they had been hot, which made them brittle. Autel sold me a refurbished unit . Should receive it tomorrow. So be warrned that if you go that route be very careful with the connector's. The main board sits rite over batt. So the heatmakes it
  5. VI issues come and go. I can fly near my house and not get 2000. ft out some days.
    I go to the water, I hit 1.5 miles almost everytime.
    Come back to the house and can get 2500-3000 before VI, way too many things near my house.
  6. I'll experiment a bit more, but it seems mine is time sensitive. Yesterday it would do "weak video link", then after a few minutes do "RC controller lost" or something like that, then after a couple minutes would initial "come home". One time it went thru all these steps while I was watching it out about 400ft and 200ft high after about 3 minutes of flight.

    I removed the gimball and inspected all the connections, wiring harness, etc., didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

    I think I can get it to "act up" at a 50ft altitude and 100ft from me. I'll experiment a bit more when the wind dies down.
  7. I just finished flying thru two batteries. Greatest horizontal distance was 1/2 mile, greatest height was FAA ceiling. Hard wind. No issues at all.

    Maybe had a bad connection in the gimball connector?? I didn't remove the small wiring harness. I only disconnected the Gimball assembly from the Drone. Wiped everything off with alcohol and reinstalled.

    Tomorrow I'll get brave and try a long distance flight.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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