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  1. Anyone have a step by step on how to view them? Why is this such an effort with the X-Star? Seems that you have to have more than just casual knowledge of computers to view the flight logs.
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  2. I plan to request that Autel add an option to save basic log information to the SD card and/or DL it to Starlink, one file per flight. I would like to see Time of Day, including date, flight time (seconds), latitude, Longitude, altitude (GPS or relative to take off altitude), and battery percent. I have a Xiro Xplorer and this information is available in .hj log files DLed to the Xiro App.

    This worked but it needs quite a bit of automation to make it practical.
    • Power up and connect Starlink to the X-Star
    • Go to Flight Control:Advanced Options and click on "Read"
    • You will instructed to "Connect a Micro USB cable from the X-Star to a computer" The X-Star will start beeping and flashing red lights.
    • NO NAME will appear as a disk drive. NO\ NAME/log will contain various session directories.
    • Copy the SESSION directories. The X-Star is beeping and is very annoying during this step and it takes quite while. You may be able to copy a specific session.
    • Eject "NO NAME"
    • Most Sessions include a single log file, log001.bin
    • can be used to generate a CSV file which can be pulled into a spreadsheet
    • The GPS Time is in offset 49 (AW). This is the number of microseconds since 0:00 1/1/1970 GMT Latitude/Longitude/Altitude are in offsets 103-105 (CY,CZ,DA)

    I started to extract the lat/lon/alt for input into but it needs to be filtered first. I checked one flight and found that for a 18:35 flight, there were 196297 records, or roughly 175/sec. This needs to be filtered so that there is roughly one record per second (1115), or one record for each location. The attached image was based on an actual track.

  3. I hope in the future that the Starlink app can have this feature along with being able to have a history of your flights, how long they were, which battery you were using, etc.

    Right now I'm pretty much using an Excel sheet to track all the data and monitor my usage and battery efficiency.
  4. Are you entering the data manually? I don't think the flight logs identify the battery but Starlink may be able to get to the Battery SN.
  5. Yeah, pretty much like a personal pilot logbook. Like what would be cool is I give names to the batteries and it can sense which battery is inserted and track its usage, health etc. over time for better battery management. Thats essentially what I'm doing now but manually.
  6. Agree that a flight record is necessary for the protection of the pilot in incidents like I just had at a local marina park.
  7. The flight log does not identify the battery, but it does includes this information:
     sdlog log001.bin -t TIME  -m BATT -d "\t" | head -55
    BATT_V	BATT_VFilt	BATT_Curr	BATT_Capacity	BATT_Tempratue	BATT_RSOC	BATT_FullChgCap
    16.6050014496	16.6050014496	-586.0	4362.0	25.3000011444	99	4432
    16.6050014496	16.6050014496	-586.0	4362.0	25.3000011444	99	4432
    14.5210008621	14.5210008621	-10014.0	616.0	43.6000022888	14	4432
    14.5910005569	14.5910005569	-10014.0	616.0	43.6000022888	14	4432
    14.5910005569	14.5910005569	-4364.0	616.0	43.6000022888	14	4432
    The battery went from 99% to 14%, 16.60 V to 14.59 V.
  8. I hope Autel works out an easier solution of capturing/tracking/viewing your flight data (in a more user friendly format) as part of their existing app .....
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  9. Does anyone know if any updates to log accesibility and battery id is being worked on? Autel encourages getting 107 certified, they need to support commercial users needs.
  10. And turn off the damn blinking and beeping!!!!
  11. I second that! It wouldn't be so bad but it takes a long time to DL the files.
  12. Seems like Autel is behind the eight ball on this. Other manufacturers have easy user friendly flight logs that non computer savy pilots can use. I hope in the near future they (Autel or even Starlink) comes out with something better. Everything else is user friendly they have.
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  13. I tried to get to my flight logs, and I am not so bad a running a pc or mac, but had trouble getting to mine as well.
  14. I contacted Autel to ask the question about viewing flight logs and they reported at this time there is no way for customers to access the logs. Being the curious computer savvy guy that I am, I found an easy way to access them AND view them.

    After following TomKnAL's advise above about connecting to the computer, do the following....

    1. Go to DRONELOGBOOK.COM and create a free account.
    2. After logging in, click on the green button that says "Add Flight".
    3. Click on the blue button that says "Add Flight from Log file".
    4. Selec the log file type (PX4LOG. BIN) then click "Choose File"
    5. Browse to the drone's drive (NO NAME) and click through the folders to find your BIN file. You may see more than one in each folder.
    6. After selecting the file, click "Analyze Flight Log" (This may take a few minutes depending upon the size of the file)
    7. Whala!!! You can see GPS details on a map, altitude, speed, and many other things.

    Hope you all enjoy! If you need me to walk you through it let me know. emtpmalone - at - gee mail dot com
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  15. Awesome, I will give it a shot

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  16. Derek I see your email ...are you a medic?

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