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Discussion in 'General' started by Agustine, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Have a couple of sun shields from my Yuneec Q500 ST10+ display. Thought I would see if it would work on my cell phone. It worked out to be pretty much the right size so get the tin snips out and shape out one side so I can stick my big fat fingers in there to change settings if I need to and the result is a nice foldable sun shield. Not that we been getting a lot of sun the last two weeks but if I need it I now have one for free. :)

    20170126_125033.jpg 20170126_125101.jpg 20170126_125121.jpg 2015_0111_011633_0011.JPG
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  2. Autel has two size sun screens that work great. One for a phone up to 6" and one for a tablet up to 10". Got one of each and they are very easy to use and fold up flat.
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  3. Yup saw those but at 14 dollars US converted over to Canadian it works out to $18.33.
    For ten minutes of my time I have a free one :)

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