Want to record screen on am apple product.

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  1. I found the answer. The beta version update currently out is 11. Sign up for it and install it. Then go into settings and turn on screen record. Now you have a button in your swipe menu. It works amazingly. So those of us with iPad can now screen record not only for free but it’s built into the software of the iOS. Woohooo. It is a beta so I do not recommend using ur phone for this just yet. Enjoy
  2. Correct. I've installed the beta on my iPad and am quite impressed. Like you, I am sticking with iOS 10 for my phone. But so far iOS 11 beta has proved to be pretty stable.
  3. Are you saying you can record video straight to the iPad? I need a better explanation if possible. This has been one of my chief complaints.
  4. Yes, this is a new feature with iOS 11. At this point it’s a public beta, and it still has bugs. biggest one is that a landscape oriented video is recorded as portrait, meaning that it comes out squished horizontally and elongated vertically. Final release is expected in September or October.
  5. Can't wait it will be awesome!
  6. you have to update with 11 to zoom the camera too I guess?

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