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  1. Has anyone got any of the Water Strider landing gear floats for the X-Star? I fly over the ocean a lot and need these. They only sell them according to DJI landing gear dimensions and not sure which DJI 2,3 or 4 match the X-Star landing gear dimensions so I can order a set.
    Heres the link to their site, http://www.dronerafts.com/choose-your-landing-podsstd
  2. I sent their support staff a msg.
  3. Thanks Black Eagle, Autel tells me that the X-Star has the same landing gear dimensions as the DJI 3. I'll be ordering those and will post back when I get them.
  4. Please report back in. I'd love to get a set. Here's the response back from the company.

    We’ve had a couple people buy our product for an Autel XSP, and to the best of our knowledge they were very happy with it. But we have done literally zero evaluation of the center of gravity, buoyancy, aerodynamics, etc., so we would encourage anyone buying it for an XSP to use extreme caution, and to start off very slow in a controlled environment. Doing a formal evaluation is on our to-do list, but that list is also pretty darn long so I’m not sure if/when we’ll get to it.

    Also, as you point out below, there are some fit concerns (due to different landing gear spacing width). The P2 model is closest to being right.

    I’m happy to answer any more questions you might have, if I know the answer!


    David Moser
    DroneRafts LLC
  5. Black eagle,
    I will definitely make a post as soon as they arrive and I get a chance to try them out. I have a small kiddie pool that I plan to try out with first before I go down to the harbor.
    I hope I ordered the correct set. Will also do some basic maneuvers with them and a wind test.
  6. Black eagle,,
    Well, , the Strider Float attachments came yesterday morning. They were extremely easy to put together. Those guys definitely put a lot of thought into these. Seems that the ones I ordered are for both the DJI 3 or 4. The mounting doohickey is made with dual cutouts for either one, nice. The X-Star seems to fit in the middle if only by a mm or two. The instructions are excellent, not much to them actually.and they velcro on in minutes.
    I have prop guards installed as I fly in a cow pasture all the time and the drone will tip over on landing sometimes. The striders stick out about 1 1/2" past that. Right off the bat the xstar took off normal and hovered a few feet off the ground like normal, didn't even affect any flight behavior at all, until, I went up to 35ft and pivoted around, still good. Then I decided to come down kind of quick to start one of my up up and away shots, whoa nelly, it went catty wampus, ahh! As soon as I let go of the controls, voila, nice hover again. I came down slower and everything went fine. Thats about the only problem with the striders is ya gotta stay slow, which is 90% of what I do video wise anyway. I have not tried any water yet cause we got 27 degrees and my outside hoses are shutoff for now. I landed in an uneven, grassy part of the pasture I would not normally land in. Wow, impressed to say the least. I did quite a few landings with great success. When I did get a good look at the video about half way thru my test flight the starboard float creeped into the video. Even though the floats are attached well with velcro, my "catty wampus" episodes must have jarred them off kilter just a bit.
    All in all I love these things and would give a 4 out of 5 on a review. I would only give a 4 star cause of the slower air speeds, 5mph or under you have to do and the insane catty wampus episodes. Will try them in some wind we are supposed to get this week and see how they handle that. Cant wait to try the water out, I'm sure they will be fine. Keep ya posted, if ya buy some, share your experience too. later gator,,
  7. PS they also shortened my flight time by 5 minutes or so, more weight , more power, but negligible overall.
  8. Tried the striders out in the pool, excellent, float, land and takeoff great. First crash with Water Striders installed. I was on my second flight of the afternoon, first one was just 10 mins up and down an forested road, slowly. I landed and checked the floats. Ok, rose up to bout 70ft, pivoted around a bit to get some area video, then must have been a slight gust of wind, did not feel anything down amidst the tree surrounded field I was in. It went catty wampus as hell, I am sure the drone was trying to compensate for the wobble in gps mode, I fiddled with the sticks trying to get control. I should have thought and went into atti mode, maybe could have settled it down. Down it came, wobble and all, hit the grass fairly rough, bounced up and flipped over. 1. Drone fine, I am amazed at the hardiness of the Autel. 2. Strider floats, broke the main gear frame on the port side. Epoxying the frame back together. Got to be careful with these things attached. They are for the DJI 3 or 4. I wonder, are the DJI's better at handling a payload? Not sure these weigh much, but create a lot of drag. I think these need to be flown only in ATTI mode.

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