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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Agustine, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. So today I was going over the waypoints part of the APP. I had the quad setup on my dinning room table. I actually get very good GPS single from there, no idea why but it works. :)
    So anyways I plotted my course around the neighborhood with five or six waypoints. I wanted to save this so I could fly it later when I was outside. I did not see any where to save this. It had a Start icon to push but nothing to save plotted course.
    I know it has a option when you open the waypoints section to load a favorite. I'm guessing once you run the course you will have the option to save it to a favorite. If so anyone know where that file is saved to? Is it saved to the app or on the XSP Flight control?

    Trying to get a grip on this little sucker and it keeps throwing me curve balls :)
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  2. That's a great question!! Has to be saved somewhere.
  3. So I'm guessing you know where I'm going with this. If we can access the file and have someone smarter than me figure out how to open it we could plot our own course from the couch and upload it back to the quad. I know this has been done on other platforms so its not impossible. :)
  4. I have been trying to do this also, today I finally found a star in the top right of the panel where you set and delete waypoints but it did not seem to work. This was only visible while the autoflight was in progress, I have not tried to find it yet. It may be like the coarse lock IOC , not available yet.

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