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  1. Out doing some flying today and decided to try waypoints. Everything inside the circle worked fine on the map and I have been told by customer service that this is a known issue (hopefully they fix it soon) but any points I try to set outside the blue circle on the map gives me an error. Anyone suggest any workaround for this besides flying regular flight? It worked out sweet using the waypoints that were in the circle but it is a relatively small circle, at least for flying properties.

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  2. The blue circle is the maximum range you have set in settings.
  3. Max range was turned off. Did several different attempts but it never would get out to the mile. Think the most was 800 feet

    Is there somewhere besides settings page with the toggle button that when turned off shows no limit on distance or when turned on (green color) gives choices of max flight distance?

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    Check to see if you are still in beginners mode it has an independent range limit. I haven't tried to turn the limit off I have it set for 500M which is about where I lose video and visual sight. I could see how greater distances would be usable on a mountainside.
  5. I can't remember which App version it was when that was implemented. Sucks to say the least. Nothing can be done on our side about it.

  6. Check your max. distance settings again. Although I used waypoints for first time in the circle ( as shown in above post) I was also surprised to see the limited distance.

    However, I went into settings after the flight. Go into distance and set this to the maximum distance ( from memory I think it is about 1650 feet or there abouts)

    Although I have yet to test, I think this may sort it.


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  7. You will not be pleased when you test! This would be a great feature to use for me but none the less, it is the first real dislike with the copter so far. Just to limited, even with no distance limit settings.

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  8. Nope not in beginner mode

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  9. Mine changed back to beginners when I switched from phone to tablet, I see a lot of different claims about people changing limits, mine seems to be limited to 500 meters but that is satisfactory for me. I think maybe the timing of production and programming of these things is related I hope to see people's problems resolved by the promised update. Maybe if you turn the limit back on and try to increase it you can do better than 800 feet I have been out to my set limit of 500 meters with very little video problem and zero control issues. Good luck.
  10. Not sure what happened to my last post....

    I confirmed using google maps that the radius of the circle we are limited to, as shown in the picture 5 post up is 1650'.
  11. There in lies why I am so unhappy. A mile is 5280 feet so, even at their max setting I can only get a quarter of a mile, roughly, away. If I wanted to be that restricted I would have gotten the wifi version and saved even more money. As it is I can't even set this to make the back of a section of the farm accessible by waypoints.

    Not that flying POV is bad, but with my little screen on the phone it can be rough locating landmarks when flying property. If I could pull up the map and place a few pins on the satellite map outside the death ring, that would be golden.

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  12. Hopefully they will get it figured out. I'd love you have an unlimited waypoint mission available.

    7" DigiLand can be had for cheap.
  13. Any news about this? I can fly past 1600 ft but way points are limited to 1600. Did they give way points a max range?
  14. Well I had to write support because this was bugging me. They said the way point mode is limited to 1600 feet. Here is his response.

    Yes you are correct. That is the limit for waypoint mode. The app developers are looking at different approaches to creating safe areas to create autonomous flight in the upcoming firmware and app releases. Currently that is to keep the aircraft in the legal line of sight and not be forced to fly outside of it's intended range and battery life. I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else and have a great day!

    I am totally fine with this but I would like a bit more distance, maybe 2000 feet.
  15. I too have hit the 1600 foot barrier but it seems that the software checks the distance DURING waypoint creation.

    What if you created the waypoints from the middle of the entire route? save it as a favorite, then move outside the maximum distance circle for the real takeoff point. Waypoint 1 and all others remains the same BUT they were inside the circle during creation. The takeoff point may not matter as once you are airborne you tell it to fly a route which has not changed. The route begins at waypoint 1, not home base.

    That may work but you will have to be mindful of a couple of things.
    1. the elevation for the two takeoff points should be as close as possible to being the same, as all elevations you set are relative to the takeoff point from where the waypoints were created. If the "fly route from here" elevation is say 100 feet below the point where the waypoints were created you could hit something as you will actually be flying 100 feet lower than originally planned.
    2. any new obstructions between the "fly route from here" and the first waypoint should be checked.
    3. any new obstructions that may degrade your signal.
    4. the possibility that you could fly outside the safe return to home range.
    5. keeping the route and altitude such that your spotter can still track it.

    I have not tried this but it was something that just came to mind so thought I would share it. All flights are as usual the responsibility of the pilot in command.
  16. First, don't know about you fellas but most of the flying I do is at a point out in front of me, not a circle around me. This circle further limits the usable safe distance as it cuts down the flight area in front of me to 800 feet (half of the 1600) right off the bat. Sorry but this is something that needs changed ASAP. And while we are on the safety police answer to a question how safe is the follow me part of the app? As far as making sure battery power is sufficient for a set of points, it still has redundant return to home feature just in case.

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  17. Are you saying you can only fly out 800' ? In way point I can fly 1600' away from me in one direction. If you're stuck with 800' in one direction something is not right.
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  18. The only time I tried to use the waypoint tool, yes all I could get was 800 feet. Would watch the XSP flying and it hit the wall at 800 feet, irregardless of what setting I had for distance. That was pre app update so maybe it has changed, never think to look at it when flying as I mostly use FPV and manual controls for majority of my flying.

    Was going to use it today filming a bridge but was not sure of heights necessary. Since I have flown it I now have an idea of heights necessary for a safe flight and may try it with waypoints. It was kind of windy today and easy to fly off course since it was over the river. Looking at flight logs I was ashamed just how bad I flew so waiting to review the footage to see if it is usable.

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