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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Steve Quarders, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. I seem to get a weak video signal quite often and my range isn't what it should be. At first I blamed it on interference, like wifi or power lines, but it seems to happen when none of these are present. Any ideas on what it could be? This is a replacement drone for an XSP that I crashed and it doesn't seem to perform as well as the first one. Thanks in advance for any ideas I get from other members, Steve
  2. I get the notice from whatever the gal's voice is on the remote, I call her "hopi",,
    Hopi-no-crashie. It says video signal interference,, but no diminishing of the video on the screen? I had a problem flying real close to a powered cow fence though. A little ripple in the video but not really that noticeable. I got a factory refurb and it works great so far. Great range up to 360 ft bout 1/4 mile away so far. Thats bout as far as I need.
  3. I'm getting lots of video signal interference warnings too. I flew the maiden flight of my "new" refurb XSP yesterday. I'm creating a new post about it here in the forum (Maiden Flight of My Refurb XSP).

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