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  1. The forum has been successfully launched!
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  2. How awesome!! Thank you for creating a forum for drones. This is the only one I have seen. I have lots and lots of questions.
  3. ask away will help you out
  4. I wanted to say, this is a nice clean forum with bells and whistles. Well done!
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  5. I'm new to drones been flying RC planes and Helicopters my whole life now I don't know which way to go DJI or Autel or is there another drone

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  6. Welcome aboard! Below I did a quick list with some of the forum threads.

    Here is an intro post I recently read by @darkgable:

    Here is a thread where @04lss decides to stay with DJI:

    And we have threads where members are welcome to leave reviews of their X-Star drones:
  7. Need more space to upload my video's
  8. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and shared as a link, only photos can be uploaded directly to the forum.
  9. OK thanks for the info

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