What are your flight times?

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Spartan2381, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. I'm thinking about getting the XSP and wanted to know what the average flight times people are getting in the real world. Has anyone tried any aftermarket batteries?
  2. I get close to 20 minutes. I haven't seen any aftermarket batteries made for the XSP.
    Keep in mind that flight time depends of a lot of other issues. Weather is a big player in this game. If the drone has to fight wind it will consume more power at a faster rate as compared to just hovering around the house. Also, distance flown will affect flight time. If you fly out long distances then the drone will eat more power to get it out there and back. If you run the video record the entire flight that will also consume battery power because that system uses the same power source as the rest of the drone.
    Nobody will get the exact flight time as another person just because we all do different things with our drones. I get on average about 20 mins of play time per battery with mine (sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more). For safety reasons, I try to get the drone close to me before it gets really low on power anyway.
    If you do get an XSP you will be very pleased with it and you should expect around 20 min flight times.
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  3. Thanks Jerry! Everything I'm reading about the XSP has been really good so far.
  4. It varies sooooo much. No fault of Autel, just a lot of variables. If you get a Drone, of any brand, get plenty of batteries. I carry 4 with me and still have to stop flying because I'm out of "juice". That's with an invertor in my truck and two chargers.

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