what country are you from?

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  1. I was just curious what country everyone is from? I'm from the United States. Ive been wondering if drones are as common in other countries. I wonder how diverse this group is hopefully there are people from many different places.
  2. I'm from England and they have drones here. Where about's in the states are you from? Is it hot over there at the moment? It's just turning into summer here and it's about 25 degrees and my poor, pale, English skin can't take it. I would not last a minute in a desert.
  3. I'm from the United States and we also have drones here too. My state is Florida and it's like hot all the time lol, except in winter, at that time it gets pretty cold for my tastes.
  4. from palm harbor florida
  5. Durham, NC in USA
  6. so Robert did you get a pumpkin
  7. Yes, a bright orange XSP Pumpkin! I also fly a Yuneec Q 500 4K, but probably will be flying the pumpkin a lot more in the future.
  8. Arizona, USA
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  9. so eric is it hot this week
  10. Tucson AZ. 104-108 Paul. So nah, not hot at all.
  11. For me, not really. I'm 33 and I've lived in AZ since I was 4... plenty of time to adapt.
  12. I been in florida for 9 years before that lived in phx for 33 years remember when they shutdown sky harbor cause was 122 out
  13. I was just about 7 years old when that happened. I think I was outside playing all day long too. Nowadays kids are dropping from being outside in 108° for an hour.
  14. From England but Portland, Oregon is my home. Currently 83F/28c but it is a little after 7pm :)
  15. Nice to see that this forum is coming along. I'm from Kansas City, Missouri.
  16. Australia here. Looking forward to flying this amazing bird. DJI you have seen the last of me.
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  17. Layton Utah, USA , I live on a pond so the reliability best be good.
  18. I live in Northern Minnesota lake country - will be flying over water a lot - wish me luck!
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  19. I am living in Kentucky, USA. But I originally came from New Hampshire. I have not seen any drones flying around in real life, only on the news/internet. LOL :)
  20. Huntsville Alabama. The avatar was taken from a drone at 40m, on the other side of the interstate from the Space and Rocket Center. The Saturn V mockup is 111m/373ft high. There are quite a few "No drones" signs but I didn't get that close.
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