What is an .ass file?

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  1. So I just did a play around shoot testing the intelligent modes a bit just for fun, I must say the EVO passed with ALMOST flying colors. follow was spot on, orbit I couln't really try, the space I have was a bit tight and I didn't want to smash EVO, tripod was ok but disappointed me a bit as it lost me very easily, what'd it called, parallel? lost me too, but in all fairness I hid behind a bush, I think EVO got pissed, he didn't know we were playing hide and seek.

    But seriously I think the joke is on me, I open the files in my Mac and every MP4 file is accompanied by an .ass file,
    you think EVO is trying to tell me something? No really, what are they?
  2. Must be a really stinky file (LoL sorry couldn't resist) Seriously though I have no idea but all you need to do is google that file extension
  3. and hairy
  4. These are “video caption” files, containing metadata for the video. You can set up your video editing software to embed portions of this data into your video.

    The files are human readable. I’ve set up my Macintosh to open them with TextEdit. In Finder, select the file and choose “Get Info” from the File Menu. You may then choose the application with which to open the .ass file. I would expect a similar option in the Windows world.

    The files are small, but if you don’t want them cluttering your SD card, you can turn off the video caption option in the camera settings.

    info for .ass file.png
  5. The .ass file is an automated subtitle file. They are text files and contain a few fields related to the GPS and camera settings. They will play automatically in any video player that handles subtitle/caption capability. has captions/subtitles turned on, and the .ass file is co-located with the video file. I use this file to have the Evo's current GPS location on the video playback. I am currently looking at the 4k files to make sure they will play properly in the video playback. There are a number of 4k free video players available. They can be edited easily with any text editor. I will be batch editing to remove the fields I don't want.

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