What made you get a drone?

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  1. What was the reason you wanted to get your hands on one of these things? I'm curious at what you guys thought the first time you saw it on the news, on TV, on the internet. Did you thought it was a cool toy? Did you think it would be insanely expensive? What did you first do when you got one?
  2. I can't tell you why I got one because I haven't got one yet. But I'm definitely interested and I want to get one in the near future. The reason being that they are just so darn cool. A friend of my brother's has one and they have countless hours of fun each weekend flying it around our yard.
  3. I want a drone just because they are the coolest toys ever created. Every adult should have one. It will bring you hours of endless fun and turn boring weekends and holidays with the kids into a fun and exciting experience.
  4. Well outside of general curiosity and the need to stay new and relevant, I would say that a little bit of peer pressure was involved too. I went in on one with some friends, just to spread the cost around a little bit, and I was probably the one that was a little more hesitant. I am glad that I made the purchase though, and it has been a lot of fun playing around with the thing. Thanks for sharing.
  5. The beauty of spectacular landscapes, constructed marvels, and amazing events should have recorded viewing angles from every perspective to truly capture their significance. So of course, achieving this path has led me to the drone world. Quads, with GPS's on board are easy to fly and my back ground in electronics helps me keep them flying. I picked Autel because I'm tired of repairing and want more air time for filming.
  6. I think the option to have the autonomy to try and capture some of the wonderful scenery that is all around us and with all the technology that goes into making a drone like the Autel just seems to make it that much more fun. And I have to say, it has been awesome thus far!
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  7. I'd always love toys and gadgets. But the price range of these had kept me off the radar for a long time. I guess also is because living here in the city with cramped houses, trees and power line was enough to kept me away.......until lately i'd been seeing deals online.
  8. Bought mine to augment my photos of Real Estate listings. Has also come in handy to have a closer look at shingle conditions and other through roof penetrations.
  9. I was always interested in aerial photography.
    Affordable drones now allows that
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  10. I'm just fascinated by the technology, watching this thing fly around responding to my controls. And I love the beautiful pictures I bring home.
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  11. Wanted a new perspective on the world that wasn't dictated by the film industry but by everyday user's. Plus it's hella fun

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  12. For me its all about the pictures and video. I'm always looking for a new angle to shoot some of our fantastic scenery. High overhead views are just perfect for this country.
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    I began flying rc when i was 12 and it has been a dream of mine since seeing something on tv about r/c helicopter usage for movie shots as a kid. I began using rc heli gassers in 1999 for AP and sold camera rigs for them till ~2008......long story..cut to chase is...the bug was recharged by all the amazing AP work on TV nowadays and eventually I just had to try one. Also, I am hoping to meet new people and maybe make some happy with nice footage of their home, etc....all for fun and free now tho.
  14. RC cars and trucks for about 15 years. In 2014 I bought the Yuneec Typhoon Q500. Had three of them since then. Decided to try out the Autel as I like the camera features more then the Q500's camera. I have about two hundred AP videos on my youtube channel so I must be hooked :)
  15. Welcome Jagerbomb52
    Glad to see to bought an Autel XSP, so far I love it!!!
  16. Mainly to take high quality video. There is a certain addrenelin rush when flying one these.
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  17. Back in the 70's I became interested in RC planes, rockets, and hot air balloons, getting a drone was naturally the next step in flying evolution. It's a lot of fun! makes me feel like a kid again!!!
  18. Been wanting on for about 5 years. I love photogrpahy, been doing this for over 25 years. I recall seeing some very cool aerial shots, HD videos edits from "drones," maybe 5, 6 years ago...just regular everyday people. I honestly never even looked into these things, when I did these were way out of my price range at the time! So I had the mentality of "wait, the price will go down eventually"

    I did get one about 3 years ago for my birthday...basically a tiny toy from Husban, nothing advanced what so ever. Kind of cool for...well for about 90 seconds. I took off and immediately the RC lost the signal and it literally flew away - lost it looking up and into the sun and that was that. No app to see where it was, after 7 minutes the battery dies so looking for blinking LEDs from the drone was useless. Really itching to get one in the past 5 months, seeing more and more videos, photos. Actually I always has my eye on DJI's but after seeing the reviews, YouTube videos..other opinions on Autel I changed my mind. The price dropped on the orange version a few weeks ago on Amazon. I had gift cards still unusued from last Bday and Xmas. I pulled the trigger on the X Star a few weeks ago.
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