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  1. I would like to see some software added to the starlink program to act as the X-star quad.. So when using the starlink AP you can cyber fly, choose the different modes, and perform all functions the remote and quad are capable of doing without having to have the quad connected or flying. This would be a great help in learning how to use all functions of the quad. I would be willing to pay for this.....
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  2. I world like to be able to chose way points and build a route without having the drone in the air. Kind of silly, by the time you get your way points done the battery is half dead. Also have a POI way point so the copter will face the POI as it travels thru the way points. This is the way Arducopter works.

  3. According to the video on Autels' site, there is suppose to be some built in tutorials (which I too would like to see as well..), but I do not see that option, nor the option to play any tutorials in the current version of Starlink app...
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  4. Media Files on the Xiro Xplorer include the date/time in the file name. This is useful information that stays with the file as it is copied to other storage devices. There is also a sequence number at the end of the file name. I would like to see this as an option in the "File Index Mode" setting.

       256321073 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_113920_009.MOV
         3143963 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114210_001.JPG
        99631921 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114243_010.MOV
         3606996 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114348_002.JPG
       189430809 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114444_011.MOV
         3608877 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114645_003.JPG
         3932318 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114714_004.JPG
         3481363 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114757_005.JPG
       561538809 Dec  3  2015 2015_1203_114812_012.MOV
  5. I wish the Starlink app had a section where you could add your frequently used options instead of having to navigate through multiple menus to change settings. I hate having to press several buttons in order to adjust the gimble roll on every flight.
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  6. I would like to see altitude above actual terrain onThe Starlink app.
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    • Digital Zoom! With a 4K sensor it would be possible to provide a 2X zoom in 1080p with no loss in resolution. Have you noticed that the FPV is closer in video than stills?
    • More accessible, easier to use flight logs.
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  7. I would like to capture a picture while still recording.
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  8. Less drift when releasing the sticks.
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  9. Orbit mode that allows you to decrease orbit distance per lap.
  10. While it's not programmable, moving the right stick up and down will change the orbit distance. The first time I tried Orbit I was trying to speed it up, then noticed my circle was very large.
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  11. Thanks. Out of all of the videos I have watched, not one mentioned that.
  12. There is a "<<" at the top of the Orbit panel, opposite "Hide". Touch it and the panel expands and gives help/usage info. It also will tell you how long each orbit will take. The two dots on the screen that correspond to rIght sticl and left stick. It's not easy to select the right one because the dots are so close.

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    In the Wake of the Kentucky "DroneSlayer" Shootdown it must be obvious that Starlink needs to log all flight Data on the tablet as a replayable flight log trace where any flight data & path displayed on the tablet at any moment of the flight can be displayed along with the corresponding video recording of images streamed from the X-Star camera in flight (whether recording on X-Star or not) to be used in litigation or defense of the operator should the X-Star be lost in flight in a similar catastrophic shootdown or accidental loss.

    David Boggs was able to recover his aircraft without the memory card, but fortunately recovered his flight log data and the Streamed flight video from the Tablets Cache in order to refute false claims of invasion of privacy during his flight and press a pending and likely Precedent Setting Federal Lawsuit case against William Meredith aka: "The DroneSlayer" after Meredith was acquitted of criminal charges in the matter by a local Kentucky judge.

    I think every operator needs to have easily accessed Black Box data logs like these in the event of an unrecoverable X-Star event for protection against false claims by anyone who may level them at any time, for any reason.

    I would think Starlink should be able to log the data & save the video from cache in a manner much more CPU friendly manner than running a separate screen recording app simultaneously on a tablet with Starlink.







    This feature request is a necessity for any drone pilot in the wake of this event.
  14. They also need to make log files more user friendly and easier to access.
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  15. I would like to have the ability to adjust exponential of the sticks, specifically the yaw.
  16. Although this thread is old I'd like to +1 to each.......................

    X-Star Premium (Nov 16)
  17. Turn it on and set route before take off.
  18. New to the community and first post here. I know this is old, but something I would like to be able to do that some of the others are doing is, use Live Facebook feed. That would be cool to Heber that abhjhb.

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