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  1. On Autel's own site they are out of stock on all drones except refurbished XSP. (for a short while the orange xsp were in stock). They are also out of stock on orange batteries . B&H has discontinued orange batteries. Any ideas as to why?
  2. What Autel itself says regarding this? I would suggest asking them directly first.
  3. I actually emailed them a few days ago and was told they were waiting for a shipment to come in. Since then I have found some sales sites showing they have discontinued selling the X-star and the premium. I was about ready to purchase a premium, but between the DJI lawsuit, the layoffs early this year and now the almost sudden lack of inventory I'm putting that plan on hold.
  4. Well, actually I have attempted contact with Autel via email and phone. I sent emails 3 days and 2 days ago (for other reasons) but have not received any response other than an email saying they acknowledge my case and a ticket has been opened.(I am trying to get information regarding mini sd cards and when my replacement is going to be shipped). I also tried to call today and was not able to speak to anybody. A prerecorded message said if I left my phone number (which I did) I would get a call back within 24 hours... as was the case from the previous email. When I have contacted Autel via email in the past I received replies within minutes and I do mean minutes.
    (I also left another post, under my original post, with a link to another Autel related webboard expressing the same concern, but that disappeared).
    Now, for what is worth the other webboard received answers from Autel that seems to have eased their minds about the stock on hand, but I am still concerned about other sources discontinuing Autel products.
  5. I see this morning that Steve McIrvin is no longer with Autel as of June. He is on sabbatical until November and is then joining the CSA. Something is definitely going on at Autel.
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    Another 24 hours have passed and none of my emails or phone calls have been answered other than the stock we are opening a ticket. I also tried chat just a few minutes ago and nobody is 'working' that either. I am at the point that if I cannot get my replacement by Thursday evening there will be nobody around to accept the package and as much as I love my XSP I would assume just get my money back and attempt to return all the accessories I purchased. There seems to be too much going on and none of it looks promising. BOY, do I hope I and others are wrong on this! 'No stock, distributors discontinuing Autel products, the CEO leaving, no responses to emails, phone calls and chat. Autel... what's going on?
    9:56 AM west coast time: I just tried another phone call and once again all I get is a pre-recorded message asking me to leave my phone number and a message that someone will get back within 24 hours. Is anybody getting through to Autel, actually talking to someone or receiving direct responses to your emails or chats?
  7. Okay, a very positive update (and relief) from me. I finally did hear from Andrew S at Autel. He told me my replacement will be shipped today FedEx 2nd day delivery. I can't tell you how much it pleases me. I guess they were short handed over the last few days I did offer to pay the difference in shipping and this is what Andrew S said, "No worries on paying the difference. Thanks for the update you should receive tracking information later today once your shipment is picked up". . I will now continue to hope that Autel does indeed 'live long and prosper'!
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  8. I had to have my XSP replaced under warranty. I had the same delays that you described thru the weekend. Andrew got involved and it went very smooth.

    If they are reducing staff and service days/hours they should change their information on the website to reflect that.
  9. ovrszd,
    I just got to say you have been very reassuring and important to me. Not only for what you just posted but also because you were the one who explained what the 'white dot and arrow meant' and how to interpret it and use it to 'fly home'. Once I learned that, my use of the XSP opened up a bit, and while I still am not totally comfortable with flying, I know my confidence will strengthen. Jeez, I actually sent the drone out a mile the last time I was able to use it. (Before I would not go over 500 feet). Got some amazing (not that I am prejudice) footage of the painted desert from an essentially deserted county park. (I say essentially because it is no longer maintained but is still in theory open). When I go there I have been the only person there! So a personal thank you.
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  10. Double wow,
    Just got my fedex tracking number from Autel!
  11. I thought this post on another forum might be of interest here:

    "Today Carolinadronz said they have now have the orange X-Star in stock with two batteries. Great price also. $859.00

    Also on their facebook page Frank was asked when the retractable landing gear was coming out and he replied mid to late Aug.
    I have known Frank for 4 years and know he has the inside track on the industry and will not BS you so perhaps the future is looking up for Autel".

    I certainly hope this is indeed the future of Autel!
  12. Thank you @bjtap for keeping us updated, great to hear!
  13. Thank you for tbe compliments. Just sharing. I learn so much from the technical video/pic guys here that I feel I don't contribute enough.

    I frequently fly out a mile. Any time I've had problems it's been at low altitude (50ft or less) with no line of sight. A lot of my videos are moving targets and I try to get close. :)
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  14. Oh, forgot to add, if you don't post ur Desert video, it didn't happen.... ;)
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  15. Yesterday I looked and found no X-Stars or batteries. Today there are X-Stars (both orange and white) but still no batteries. Best Buy has batteries at $79.00 here where I live.
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    LabRat1957, I should have read your post more carefully. I will now edit my original post to reflect what you said: You are right, today (7/25/17) Autel does seem to have some XSP for sale, but batteries and the WiFi Version Drone do not seem to be in stock.
    I would like to believe that when Autel says the drones are flying out of here (meaning fast selling) that is indeed the case. What I think is more worrisome is that some dealers have 'discontinued' next to some of Autel items.
    Also what I posted regarding Carolina Drones does not appear to be all that it appears. Apparently they have only 1 'drone with 2 batteries set for sale' and the information given about the new or 2.0 drone was what he was told by Autel back at CES and 'may have changed'.
    Having said that, the release of the 2.0 update videos and the open beta release has given me hope that indeed Autel has a bright future.
  17. You will not ever find stock of the WiFi version (XS) as it has been discontinued.
  18. What is the CSA?
  19. People take sabbaticals for any number of reasons, most of them personal. Maybe the guy's been working 18 hours a day for the past 3 years and just wants to spend some time with his family. Point is, with a privately held company, we will never know what's really going on, which is also the case for most employees (just speaking generally here, not specific to Autel). As we saw in the recession, just about any company can go under at any time, no one is too big to fail. Even a company with $8 billion in sales will ultimately fail if it costs them $9 billion to do it! In the meantime, I'm just going to keep enjoying my beautiful orange bird, and hope for the best. Just picked up another spare orange battery this morning from local Best Buy for $79.

    Would also be curious to know what is the CSA?
  20. I mistakenly typed CSA instead of CTA (Consumer Technology Association). I was referring to the info on Steve McIrvins Linked in page showing he was previously with Autel until June 2017 and then Sabatical and the CTA now. I truly hope all is well with Autel because my research had me leaning to them for my first drone, but the lack of news, lack of inventory, layoffs, and the CEO leaving has me quite concerned. Hopefully some good news will be announced soon to put my fears and maybe others to rest.

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