Whats your EVO's range?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by rhconcepts, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. I see some new videos on YouTube that people are getting a max distance of 1.9 miles. The people flying think its a firmware issue and none of them have video lose at 1.9 miles. Anyone here have one yet that have tested the range?
  2. I have seen at least one YouTube video where distance out to 3.6 miles was attained. Although 1.9 miles is great, I can get close to that, on a good day, over water, with my XSP. Video signal stability is a different issue with the XSP though. These issues with the EVO are the reasons I am willing to wait before getting one myself. As you and those flying the EVO say, firmware is the likely issue so this should get fixed sooner rather than later. The firmware is not even "official" yet is it?
  3. Here's a new video with the guy from Drone Works. He got 4 miles this time but I did notice some weak video signal alerts starting as early as 3000 feet or so. Nevertheless, it was pretty stable out to the 4 miles.

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  4. I know the video you are speaking off the guy had a problem with the explorer app. He re installed the app and got 3.something miles (I ferget exactly how far). He also ran into another issue where his obstacle avoidance apparently wasn't working which is why he didn't finish the distance test. This concerns me so I am going to do my own distance test later today (got my EVO yesterday).
  5. Cool! Looking forward to seeing your results.
  6. [ IMG_0003.jpg I got 2.84 miles at a spot where I had achieved good distance with my X-Star and Mavic, flying into a slight headwind.
  7. A wee bit on the high side for altitude maybe if I get my bird that high I can get a better distance right now my max distance is 1.8 miles
  8. True. At 400 ft. I was out 12,067 ft. and signal getting weak. I like to stay under 400 but I couldn't resist the urge to see what distance I could get.
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  9. Further you go the higher you have to be due tu curvature of the earth.
  10. Good point. It should be obvious but its easy to forget.
  11. I've been up at my other home in PA this past week, and was able to fly 2-miles with my XSP for the first time. I was able to go 1.6 to 1.8 miles regularly, with great signal stability. If the EVO isn't going to be much better than that, I'll likely pass on buying one any time soon. I like the EVO and would like to own one but... 1.5 to 2.0-miles is a long way for any consumer drone. Not to mention it's out of "line of sight".

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