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  1. Hello All

    I purchased my X Star Premium a couple days before Christmas. I have taken it for a few flights in learner mode keeping it very close pretty much circling around up and down and learning the controls. Today I flew it for two batteries still in learners mode but flying it to it's maximum height and maximum distance. A flew it back to "home" a few times and used the auto home a few times. I was real disappointed when I got home and watched the video I recorded as it was not as "aweing" as I had wanted but limited distance and speed could only yield so much.

    So the question is when? When did you all say ok I'm going to let it rip, take it out of learners mode and fly this thing and hope it comes back to me.....?

  2. Hi Joe. Great question. I would say that it's probably best to do it when you feel more comfortable flying it. It will not be a huge change other than altitude and distance unless you go in the settings and change the speed settings.
    On the video part, are you saying the resolution wasn't what you expected or the footage you took wasn't? Because changing out of beginner mode won't make the quality of the video better. If you mean the resolution you could go into the settings and change them. Also if your computer doesn't allow you to see high resolution videos it won't look as good as it could like in 1080 or higher resolutions.
  3. Thanks Tufargon.

    On the video I meant the footage. The amount and useable to put a video together. Only so much you can get in a small area of travel. I flew over three fingers of a local river but with short distance of travel when I got home to put together a little video to post it was lacking just for amount of footage.

    The resolution is great the picture quality is great just looking to spread my wings and get more useable footage. I must say a little nerving sending it up and away and hoping it comes back lol....
  4. That's the hardest part for most if not everyone. Sounds like you might be ready to stretch your wings a little.
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  5. Totally agree with Tufargon. You will know when to 'spread your wings'. Even then, you may end up doing what I did. After turning off Beginners Mode I still took 'baby steps' in increasing the distance and height. It took a while to 'let her go'. As for your video, it will get better. Just go back to the same area and re-record as you get more comfortable. What might help you open up is if you get to wide open spaces with flat topography and as Autel CS once said to me... height is your friend.
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  6. Joe, My advice is to 'spread your wings' and fly out of beginners mode. Take it easy and you'll probably be as amazed as the rest of us were when we first flew out of beginners' mode. It really isn't that much different; you can just go up and out further.
    If you are like most, it takes more time to hone your photo skills than to fly the aircraft. Learn to fly the aircraft first. Then when you are comfortable with flying, then start working on your photo skills.
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  7. I launched in beginner's mode, flew for 3-4 minutes max, disabled beginner's mode and never looked back. Your highest risk of crashing is during takeoff/landing, which you must do in beginner's mode as well. Pay attention to your altitude and venture out. Post your pics/videos.
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  8. Nothing exciting but what I was able to use out of the little footage I got. Once the temps get out of the 20s and the wind lays down I will be flying out of beginners mode and getting some nice footage.

  9. That looks really good!! Other than you uploaded it to Youtube at 480 resolution.
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  10. Not sure what Beginners mode is? Nice video, be careful over water. I got a pair of these for that,http://www.dronerafts.com, I fly over the ocean. They need to be flown in ATTI with little or no wind due to the fact that gps mode has tried to compensate too much for the increased drag on the drone and became very unstable and crashed, drone was fine had to repair floats. I take it real slow and they are great. Next purchase will be a Swell Pro waterproof drone. We are starting some whale research and need something a bit more hardy in the harsh ocean conditions. Waiting for the CES show to see what Autel comes out with and will stick with them for all my fair weather drones. PS drones sink in water,,,
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