Which Tablet?

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Bryan, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. We currently have an iPad mini that I got about two years ago. I think it's the iPad 2 mini maybe? We are due for an upgrade through ATT, so I am looking at getting a new one to run with the premium. I have read about some bad experiences with the iPads but it looks like my only other choice is the galaxy E tab or the galaxy view 18.4 if I don't go with the iPad air 2 or mini 4. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I have three that seem to work well: an older iPad 4, a Nvidia Shield K1, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (which by the way has a very bright screen that works really well outside compared to some others).
  3. Which do you like best? I bought an S2 partly because the Shield K1 was no available anywhere at the time and I wanted to change the camera settings. I couldn't with my LG G3 phone + it was hard to see in the sun.
  4. The Nvidia Shield K1 works very well but I really have a hard time seeing it in the daylight. The iPad 4 works really well too and I personally find it easier to see in the daylight than with the Nvidea. The Galaxy Tab S2 is very bright. My normal setting when using it for other things is about maybe 20-30% brightness setting. As far as brightness it is the easiest of the three to see. However, it is a very glossy screen so while the image is easy to see, there is still quite a bit of glare from the sun reflecting back at you. Might try an anti-glare screen for it to see if that's the winning combination. I would be willing to give up a tiny bit of sharpness from that to accomplish less glare. All of the XSP settings work great on all three tablets.

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