Why so sparkly...

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by seggers, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. I have everything set to auto, the EV was at +1.0, it wasn't too bright and breezy, yet I get these sparkles on things..

    Anyone have any ideas? MAX_0031.JPG
  2. That is very odd. Have you tried removing the gimbal and cleaning the contacts?
    I know someone that had a video problem and he switched the file type to mp4 and it somehow fixed his problem.
  3. Autel have suggested formatting and/or replacing the card and resetting the camera settings.

    I only shoot in mp4, as my video editing s/w can chomp on that, and I'm just off out to the same place to see if I can get it to do the same again.

    Autel had said it will need to go back if this continues...

  4. Their customer service is second to none!! I'd still try cleaning the contacts. Can't hurt it that's for sure.
  5. No difference. Hopefully, Autel comes through with the fix...

  6. That sucks. I know Autel will make it right for you. ;)
  7. I haven't tried cleaning it yet. As it's late, it'll be tomorrow now. I haven't had to send it back, as of yet.

  8. Let us know seggers.
  9. I ended up sending the drone back to the original seller. As I'm off for 2 weeks, I won't do anything until I'm back now.

  10. The sparkles appear to be from RF interference.
  11. Maybe your XSP can detect the matrix

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