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  1. Should the wi-fi on a tablet be on or off when using the X-Star Premium? I've heard different views on this. Does the wi-fi interfere with anything with the XSP by being on?
  2. The Wi-Fi does not need to be on when you are flying the Premium as the Premium does not use Wi-Fi to communicate with the aircraft.

    The only reason you might want to have Wi-Fi on is if you wanted to look at any of the video tutorials that are available by pressing the 'tutorial' button on the display.
  3. I personally put the tablet into Airplane Mode. (More experienced flyers... is this a good idea)?
  4. I was wondering because yesterday and today I experienced numerous video interference warnings and a couple of app disconnects. The only thing I noticed different was the wi-fi was switched on. By the time I thought to look, I had run out of batteries so did not get to fly with it off. On my previous flights it was definitely off even though I did get a couple video warnings BUT, I was pretty far out. I was also in a different area these days. There are houses around although the nearest one is over 600-ft away, and I was at 380-ft altitude. Could interference from the houses be that strong?

    Another odd thing was that my tablet (Galaxy Tab A 7-in) twice restarted on its own and also went into battery charging. During flight, my screen went blank then the little battery charging/percent thing came on. I had more than 80% charge at the time. No idea what is going on there.
  5. I've only heard (that I can remember) bad things happening with the wi-fi on.
    By the sounds of the "going into charging mode", that to me raises huge red flags on your cable disconnecting and reconnecting (cable. RC port or phone port).
  6. Autel uses 727GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies. Wi-Fi uses either 2.4 or 5 GHz. Therefore, there should be no conflict if Wi-Fi is on. However, with RF, harmonics sometimes occur. Harmonics are caused when two different frequencies oscillate against each other. In the case of the drone & controller AND the mobile device, it MIGHT be possible for harmonics to occur (through no fault of anyone). Obviously, the best way to reduce the possibility of harmonics, or any RF is to eliminate any close-by sources of RF. Therefore, turning Wi-Fi off in the mobile device, AND moving away from any sources of RF (such as a Wi-Fi Router, Wireless home phone, etc) will reduce the amount of RF in the area.
  7. I'm sure it was a typo on your part Kroorda.
    Video Link Frequency X-Star Premium: 902 MHz~928 MHz
    Receiver Frequency 5.727 GHz~5.8 GHz
  8. You are absolutely correct.
    Thanks for keeping an eye on me. :)
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