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  1. It was a fairly mild day in March when I shot this video with the Xstar Premium. I was still pretty new to flying and not too good at keeping up with the target. Edited on my laptop using Windows movie maker.
  2. Great video Roosty!!!!

    Gets real complicated when trying to stay on a moving target. "Yaw" adjustment is the hardest to do smoothly. I'm not there yet but I'm getting better.

    I've crashed twice and both times were low elevation flight following moving farm equipment. Hit trees........

  3. Very interesting video. I'd guess he is going 8 mph or maybe a little more. That is fast for planting. I guess if you have to hit a tree with the drone, an evergreen is a little more of a cushion to absorb the impact and will do less damage.
  4. Darrin told me one day he was planting 12.5 mph. John Deere says he can go up to 15 mph. He farms with his Dad and two siblings. This year they planted a few acres over 20,000.

    They rent a small field from me. Here's a video of their hired hand spraying my beans.

  5. That was a nice video showing just how well those big SP sprayers work. I really need one. I probably spend close to an hour a day just unfolding and re-folding the booms on my 25 year old pull type sprayer.
  6. I don't know what they cost. These guys have one that's 3-4 years old. Then this one that was new this Spring. One day Randy said he put 200 miles on it and sprayed 800 acres. I'm still amazed at how little liquid is used anymore. I'll try to video their bin area where they park all their stuff when everything is there. Looks like a JD dealer lot. Actually they've got more dollars of equipment at their lot than the small local dealer does. :)

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