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  1. I had a recent issue with my XSP that want to let folks know about. While taking intro video I was flying my XSP about 5 feet above the pavement onto a bridge. After entering the structure and without warning the craft flew to the top of the bridge striking a structural member. This knocked the battery out killing power. It then fell about 30 feet to the ground below the bridge. Fortunately it did not fall into the water. I looked the bird over once l found it. Two of the prop guards we damaged, a light lens damaged and the upper/lower housing on one arm broken. Once home I called the emergency room at autel robotics, I explained the situation to the doctors there and they said to send the patient in right away. They would try their best to save it.
    My assumption and theirs was the bridge structure interrupted the GPS signals, triggering a RTH response which was set to 110 feet. Not good on a bridge with a 15 foot top.
    With that said, be careful when moving from open areas to a covered space whether it be trees, open structures or ... bridges...
    Good Luck

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  2. Mine did that one day when I was trying to land, and instead of doing so I try to find my garage. I suspect mine was because of the same or similar reasons it lost GPS signal it went haywire. I'm pretty sure it was an error on my part not necessarily a negative reflection on the drone.

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  3. Just a heads-up for folks, no negative intent. I love my orange drone and promote it at every opportunity! Can't wait to get it back, missed the chance to fly it in unseasonably warm weather in my area this week.

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  4. Quick update. Autel tech let me know the issue. It was initiation of the rth function but not because of GPS signal lose but by battery level at 25%. Even though I was close to my home point and only 5' above grade the rth kicked in. I knew I was getting low on battery but thought I had a few more minutes to film. For future updates I suggested to autel an audible warning or other pre-warning to provide an opportunity to cancel the rth function particularly in a low risk situation. So please monitor your battery levels when they are approaching 25% or what ever level you set your low battery warning to. Regards

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  5. What they should do is at 25% notify of low battery with a popup box that either acknowledge to start RTH or you cancel RTH right there before it does anything.

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