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  1. Hi All,
    From my research it appears flying drones in national parks is a NO GO. If you want to do this you have to get written permission from the park superintendent. I imaging this is easier in some parks than others. Say getting permission to fly on the beach within the Cape haterass national sea shore.

    Has anyone successfully gotten permission, or even tried?
  2. I contacted the Wildlife Refuge here I Oklahoma (near Lawton Ok.) as I wanted to fly (takeoff) from the top of Mount Scott. I was informed that Drones were not permitted within the Refuge and he quoted me the Park Regulation that Restricted the Flight of Drones on State and Federal Parks. I asked why such a restriction even existed and he informed me that in the past, prior to the Restrictions that there had been several incidents were individuals had gotten close to wildlife (Buffalo, Longhorn Cattle and a few others) which was considered to be Harassing the Wildlife and that was how they came to the decision to implement a Ban on Drones in State and Federal Parks. I was also told the same thing when I called Yellowstone as I thought that getting aireal footage of Old Faithful (blowing of steam) would be awesome, but again I was told that Drones are forbidden in the Yellowstone National Park (and again heard that one reason was people harassing the Wildlife). It's a shame that individuals did this in the early phases of Drones and have now ruined it for others.
  3. Does anyone know of any restrictions in South Dakota? I am planning on Sturgis this year for bike week and would like to get video of the bad lands and maybe some distant shots of Mt Rushmore.
  4. No Drones at any National Park, and Mount Rushmore is a National Park. As far as Sturgis that will be a City of Sturgis Ordinance, but you wouldn't be able to fly over that area because of all the people, it would be in violation of the FAA then (pretty sure), but you can call the Police Department for clarification on this.
  5. I'm sorry maybe my post was confusing I understand that Mt Rushmore and the SD Badlands are national parks and yes I know that you can't fly there legally I was just wondering if anyone ever tried and maybe succeeded in obtaining permission to fly there because and come on you got to admit it would make for some excellent drone video footage.
  6. I can tell you that I know you need to submit a request through the Federal Government, not sure if that means FAA or Whoever. I bet pennies to the dollar you will not get a permit to fly at any National Park, just because once they do it for one then everyone will be submitting one.
  7. I'm new to this forum and just trying to get acquainted with the forum, but as a retired law enforcement officer I would not assume there are no drone restrictions within most any town or city limits. For sure stay away from state and federal parklands. It's always best to check with local authorities first. A negative encounter with the "natives " will only serve to create a negative reaction in the form of restrictive ordinances and tough times for local drone enthusiasts. We should all try to be goodwill ambassadors for the sport.
  8. Yeah I get it and trust me I don't plan on jumping in feet first........again just asking if anyone has ever tried or maybe has some personal knowledge specific to drone video in say the western half of SD
  9. I'm guessing you won't get permission unless you are National Geographic filming something for a special

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  10. The prohibition was sent down by the former head of the NPS (I think) who directed that the Superintendents put that restriction into their local rule books. You would request permission from the local Superintendent. I imagine it would be nearly impossible to get permission in a place like Yellowstone, but probably a lot easier in a lesser visited unit of the Park Service. I would suggest, if you submit a written request, that you put in a specific plan with a specific time and location. Pick a less popular time of day and location, if possible. Explain what you are going to do with the video. In a less busy Park unit, you might do better with a phone call or an in person request. Someone posted drone footage of one of the UT State Parks (Goblin Valley?) to a Facebook group, and he had no problem getting permission. He just asked the Superintendent, and was granted permission. Just my thoughts; I've not ever asked.
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