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  1. My X-Star Premium was doing the usual end of flight return to home and it came over to of me and paused like normal, then the thing to off and hauled ass away until it self destructed into a tree and fel into a stone quart. I recovered it with a cracked lower frame, broken prop and broken camera.

    So the camera has video feed, but all motion control is dead and limp.

    Autel doesn't warranty it being that I bought it from the original purchaser, but I'm not the original purchaser myself. So I'm looking at paying them to sort it all out, or try to find a new bird. I'm expecting that they will charge almost as much to repair this one as it would cost for me to buy a used one (I'm thinking $400 to repair). Did anyone have a spare bird only that they want to sell off?

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  2. I have a whole set for sale. It includes the bird, 4 batteries, ND filters, prop guards, and case. I had listed it for $750 with free shipping but I feel badly for what happened to you so I will offer it to you for $650 and you pay shipping. Let me know as I was going to put it out on eBay today or tomorrow. I know you said just the bird but $650 for what I am offering in the package is really low considering it includes 4 batteries, all barely used.
  3. Rob, I will send you a private message.

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