X-Star fell from the Sky

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by IndyWebDude, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Flying my X-Star today, (unfortunately over water) Had a freshly charged battery. 38 Seconds into the flight engines stop, and it falls from the sky. No warning, nothing. Went from a flying machine to a brick. I have attached a video that shows what happened from my sons DJ Phantom that was flying above.
    Does anyone know the procedure for uploading the flight log? I have synchronized it to the cloud symbol in the app

  2. I believe that when you send the kit to Autel they will pull the logs.

    Interesting how yours took off in a straight line, at high speed, at a downward angle until the Earth stopped it. In your case it was water. In my case it was a rock quarry.

    I just bought my 2nd Autel X-STAR since my cost to repair (warranty denied because I bought it used) was going to be almost as much ask a new complete kit with the $350 camera and $60 airframe plus labor.

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  3. Just an update. I sent the flight logs and video to Autel Support, and they have agreed to replace the Drone for me. Can't say enough good things about the support and how they stand behind their products.
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  4. I have been a "Lurker" on this forum for some time, just joined today. I've read a few post where people had battery issues of one sort or another. I am wondering if the battery you had installed in the XSP had the same firmware as the drone. I purchased a couple additional batteries and had to re-install firmware for each new battery installed in the drone.

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