X-Star Premium case, accessories, controller, batteries

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  1. I've recently had a flyway, and do not have the money to invest in a new bird, so I am selling all of my remaining gear. Case has small scratch pictured below, brand new condition otherwise. Everything pictured below is included, $400 shipped for all of it. Paypal.

    All from/for X-Star Premium:

    Autel hard shell case
    Autel flight controller white w/ lanyard
    2x batteries white
    2 gimbal guards: 1 original, 1 upgraded gimbal guard purchased from Carolina Dronz
    1 Autel battery charger
    1 set of Polar Pro filter - Vivid collection
    1 set of extra hardware for gimbal - shocks, gasket etc..
    1 set of extra propellers

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  2. Wow sorry 2 hear that. I had a flyaway, but I got lucky and found it.

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  3. How many times have they been charged?

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