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  1. I asked the following question of Autel customer support:
    Now that EVO is on its way can you shed some light on for how long Autel will guarantee parts, accessories and repair for the XSP? Thanks

    Answer on 1/22/2017:
    We will continue to support the X-Star through the end of all the current warranties and through the end of the warranties of the aircraft that haven't been purchased yet. We will also continue to support it past that point as well, so you don't have anything to worry about in regards to your X-Star!

    If you have any other questions, let me know!

    Best Regards,
    Jacob Mead
    Customer Support

    This appears to me support should last well over a year.
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  2. I have been trying to log-on to see my past flt data and logs. I have not done it in so long, forgot how to do it. Help Plz
  3. Open Starlink.
    Click on the 'Options' gear/cog.
    The flight data is contained within those options.
  4. I thought I could do a view on my PC. Not only on my tablet or phone?
  5. Have you see this video?

    There are others as well.
  6. That's a great video/tutorial.

    KunBow: Unfortunately, Starlink does not run on Windows. It is only available for an Android or Apple device. (I wish it could be run on a Windows PC as well. There are also a number of very nice Windows tablets.)

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