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  1. Has anyone bought and used the Autel backpack yet? I am really wanting one to make traveling a little less cumbersome. (While riding bike) I haven't heard anyone talk about them unless I have over looked. Just wanted to know if there were any consumer pro's and con's.

    Next part of the question is if the pack is nice then what have been the prices everyone has seen? Cheapest I have found is on Autel site for $149 I believe. Wasn't sure if anyone has seen it cheaper somewhere else?

    If you have one and want to sell let me know. Or if anyone knows of another good pack to purchase, feel free to drop me a line.

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  2. I bought one; I have not carried it yet. It looks well made and seems comfortable. It has pockets that slide onto the removable hip belt. The pockets are well padded on one side; they provide the padding for the hip belt. I've never seen an arrangement like that on a pack, but it has the advantage that you can position the padding wherever you need it. In addition to the hip belt, it has a sternum strap and lumbar padding; nice suspension for a heavier load. There are two external mesh pockets that would hold water bottles. Inside is a bit difficult to describe. There are two external zippers, for two separate large compartments. One is relatively flat and is probably for notebooks, pencils, manuals, etc. It does not open flat. The other one opens flat and contains a padded pocket for a tablet. It is the main part that carries the drone, batteries, charger, and larger accessories. It has lots of dividers that can be arranged to hold your device, and which are held in place with Velcro loops that stick to the interior fabric. It seems to be designed for SLR cameras, as well. I can post pics of the instruction card if you would like. I bought from Autel for $149.
  3. i purchased one a month ago. very well made except the shoulder straps should have a more tacky coating on them to help them hold onto your shoulders . unless you use the clip
    on the front that hold the straps across chest they will slide off your shoulders. i'm avg build 190 with normal build . this is my only complaint. i've used lowepro backpacks for years and they do it right with the straps.

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  4. The Autel backpack looks excellent, but has anyone purchased one of the dozens of drone backpacks available on Amazon? There's a huge selection of packs that fit the DJI P4 that range $50-$70, but if they fit the XSP is the question... I know you get what you pay for, just wondering if anyone found a specific bag of decent quality that fits for less money than the Autel pack. Mahalo
  5. I am looking at the Manfrotto MB BP-D1 backpack. designed for the DJI, but a few reviewers were using it with Autels. Anyone with experience with Manfrotto bag??? Know of Manfrotto quality so was leaning there more than at autel
  6. Just purchased one a couple of weeks ago. I haven't carried it yet, but the features and quality are every bit on par with camera packs from Lowepro and Tamrac (I have both). Cheaper ones on Amazon look similar, but quality is unknown to me and the Autel pack is obviously purpose built to do a specific thing really well, with interior pockets and compartments perfectly set up for the XSP and accessories. Wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, paid $149 on sale direct from Autel.
  7. I just received the Manfrotto DB1 drone backpack for my XSP. has great storage, but the overall depth is a bit tight. worried about stressing the arms and potential damage due to the tight fit. When I zip the case shut, the front panel is snug against the blade mounts. I wish the Auto website had better pics of the case loaded so I can see it the clearances are greater. Any tips???

  8. The Autel pack is tight over the motors, too, though it is only tight over two of them. I pinch the zipper when I am closing it over the motors. I don't think that it is tight enough to stress the seams too much, and with the caps, I think the drone is fine, too.
  9. Agree w/Laurie, a little snug at the top of the pack, which is probably a good thing just to hold everything in place. Not tight enough to cause any stress on drone or pack.

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  10. I ordered mine on sale for $150 direct from autel with their tablet sun shade. I almost went with a lowepro drone bag/pack, but since this one was designed for the XSP, I went for it. I've been happy so far. Everything fits, room for extra batteries, controller, tablets, etc. It is a large bag, but I find it comfortable with all of the straps. Normally I don't use the waist straps unless I'm walking quite a distance. It also has two nice straps on the top for carrying it (not on your back). I will probably spray the bottom of the bag with a bedliner/rubbery sealant type material. I like that it isn't as conspicuous as the Autel suitcase (which I also love...) Another neat feature is the little combo lock for the zipper pulls. For charging on the go, I bought a 450 watt power inverter, and it is enough to charge the XSP batteries in the car, from the cigarette lighter port (no extra wiring)

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