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  1. While trying out all the app settings- I changed the batteries factory settings for :
    #1. Low battery warning-
    #2. Critical battery warning-

    any one know what the factory setting was/or should be?
    And is 30m a good height for the RTH feature? That's about 90ft.

    I am new and in beginner mode.
  2. Default for Low battery warning is 25%
    Default for critical battery warning is 15%

    90 feet is to low where I live, I have trees taller then that. I set mine to 130 feet and I'm still worried it might not be enough.

  3. I suggest you change the RTH altitude setting based on where you're flying in that particular instance. 20m higher than the highest obstacle is probably good.


    Dan K.
  4. Like your Pats avatar! I have my RTH set to 200ft. Hopefully that will be good enough. I spend most of my time at 400ft so it will just stay there coming home.
  5. 400ft- well-- I got up to 60ft last night- that's on beginner mode!
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  6. I like to keep it high for better LOS to the radio. I can see it better too without things in the way. Despite what it looks like, I can actually see my XS as this fog had a bunch of holes in it.


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