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  1. Does anyone happen to know how loud the XSP is. decibels wise ? I was going to see how much quieter the EVO is than the XSP. I saw on a video that the EVO is running about 77 or 78 DBS. I may wait till the EVO comes out to get one.
  2. The sound level also depends on the type of prpo you use. However, the evo should be quieter since it weighs less ans doesnt have to move as much air to stay afloat.
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    "afloat" = 'aloft', in aerial terminology. ;)

    The XSP is an angry beehive sounding thing...most drones of this size are though. For me, no problem. I enjoy being able to localize the thing using my hearing.
  4. Don't know about decibels but, I have noticed my XSP is quieter with my Master Airscrew props than with either the Autel or Phantom 3 props. It's definitely "angry bees" with the Autel and DJI. I don't hear it as much with the Airscrews. The sound is softer, and it's only noticeable if I'm actually paying attention to it when at altitudes of say, 300-ft or higher. If I didn't know it was up there, I probably wouldn't notice through any other environmental noises around. Even at altitudes a little lower it's quieter.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something here but what is the concern with the sound on the XSP? Once I go above 100' or so I can't hear mine I mean its not like there is any sound to videos taken. At lower altitudes I also get the "angry bee" sound but (IMO) its not that loud. Is there a reason to fly in a stealth mode? can't see one unless your into spying or some kind of uncover work.

    Added note: there is another thread that goes into more depth on the sound and decibel level of the XSP this maybe posted in the wrong place (can't find other thread)
  6. If I can't hear mine when flying, something is amiss, and it isn't a good thing.
  7. The reason for the question about how loud they are, I do a lot of nature and wildlife photography and was trying to see which is the best way to go. I know that I won't be able to get to close to the wildlife, but the quieter it is, the less it impacts wildlife.
  8. Maybe the noise is just annoying for some folks although there are those who probably do want a stealth mode... for whatever reason. For me, I don't mind hearing it but do prefer the softer sound. I often fly around ponds and other water areas to see what kind of wildlife is around so the quieter the better. I've also noticed that the feral hogs that congregate in the fields I've been over don't seem to scatter as easily with the quieter props. Also I prefer to not attract unnecessary attention if at all possible.
  9. Above 100' or so I can't hear mine either but I can see it (its the law). Photographer and Labrat, thank you, this makes sense to me
  10. I can still hear mine 250' up...and I have tinnitus! o_O

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