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  1. New out of the box X star premium and first time owner here so I'm having some trouble getting off the ground. Can't even start the motors until the compass calibration completes and it fails every time. I've turned in circles til 'I'm dizzy. Magnetic interference is on the controller readout but I thought I was far enough away from any metal. Maybe clothing, zippers, snaps? Or would the 0 degree F temperatures be a problem?
  2. New owner here as well so take this for what it's worth. During your first circle in the Autel dance the drone is flat out in front of you. The next circle the drone is pointing down towards the ground with the top of the drone facing away from you. I was doing the 2nd one wrong. Maybe?
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  3. I never got to the second calibration as it always said calibration failed. I suspect I had too much metal on me causing magnetic interference. Next try will be with less metal.
  4. I have interference with my X-Star as well, but if you just relocate the drone and back away, that usually works.
  5. We got it working yesterday. I got a helper to rotate the Autel while I watched the instructions and results on the tablet. Took about three tries and it was calibrated. Seems good as it returns to home when requested.
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  6. You need to point the drone to the north.
  7. So start the drone pointing to the north, then spin around 360 degrees? Where did you read this? I just got mine yesterday and kept getting interference. It would calibrate fine, then once I was in the air it would switch to ATTI and give me interference warning. Scared the hell outta me.
  8. I don't think it makes any difference which direction you start in. Just follow the calibration instructions in the book and it works fine. Although I found if I didn't do it fast enough it would come up with "calibration failed" and I'd have to start again. Worked better with two people. One to rotate the drone and another to follow the on screen instructions.
  9. Watching the lights on the drone will do the same as watching the screen. Set up the calibration with the bird on the ground. Set down the controller and walk over and pick it up. Spin, watch the lights after making a complete turn, flip 90°, spin again and you are done....usually. :D
  10. Watching the lights probably would not work for me as I have trouble with colours.
  11. you have to do it pretty fast or it says fail
  12. Make sure you're holding the bird by the arms, not the legs when you do the compass calibration. The compass sensors are in the landing gear legs.


    Dan K.

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