Xstar similarities to Phantom 3

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  1. Hello,
    In my introduction I noted I purchased and returned a phantom 3 pro for my xstar premium.

    One thing that has been bugging me, is they seem like almost exactly the same drone.
    Is the Xstar a rebranded phantom? Are they using Phantoms design?

    The shape, body style, port placements on the drone, battery design, they all seem so similar. I'm not complaining, its a great drone. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Only a handful of ways to make a drone. But, they are eerily alike. Separate companies though.
  3. P3 has light bridge. Xstar has 900 mhz. Light bridge wins for antenna systems. Xstar has better camera and compares to the p4 cameras. Xstar wins on cameras.

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  4. Currently the P3 is faster and a better flyer, but the X-star wins hands down for the camera / gimbal and build quality.
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  5. looks like on the spec sheet they have the same speed. 16m/s
  6. I did find out that you can use the props from a DJI 3 (prop 9450) on your Autel X Star Premium, and you can buy them at Walmart if your in a pinch and want to fly. I didn't mix props, I used all four DJI props. I am intrested in seeing just what other parts are interchangeable, it looks like the landing gears are the same as well. I also read where a Autel owner put on the DJI 3 silicone body cover (comes in 3 colors red, white and blue ones) on his X Star Premium.
  7. I was basing that on my personal experience. My P3 is faster than my XS, if only by a little bit
  8. I agree with you, having flow both. Even the speed lock in the app isn't what its supposed to be at 33mph.
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  9. There are a few things i feel like the Xstar doesn't match DJI on. Given this I have a DJI p3p coming tomorrow. Im going to fly them side by side. Winner takes all. BestBuy has their faults but Their return policy is why i spend so much cash there.
  10. You must be talking about Bestbuy in the States :)
    Here in Canada this is Beastbuy's policy for return's on drones.

    Returnable within 30 Days - Only if Unopened

    How the heck do know if anything is wrong with it unless you open it noidea.gif

    As for different platforms one does not fit all so one might do something better then the other manufactures UAV. Many of my friends who do commercial work have 3 or 4. You always need aback up in case something goes wrong and don't leave your cliente hanging.
  11. I think the xstar is a great drone and it does seem like the company cares. But, for my money i want the best i can get for what i want. really its going to come down to the flying for me.
    I think DJI has the better app, more tweaks and greater control, better range, and lots of aftermarket support. Xstar has better price, camera, support, and it comes with more. Its going to come down to me flying them side by side to decide, but i think the Drift, and speed are going to be in the DJIs favor.

    best buy here in the states, doesn't really matter as long as YOU didn't break it you can return it. and that expands to their entire stock. Ive returned 3 different laptops, soon 2 drones, a TV, some headphones. But in most cases i bought something else from the store, and i tend to go back for my purchases because I know they'll work with me until i find the product i want.
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  12. I got my P3P used on a forum group, had like 6 flights on it and it was $500. Thought that was a decent price. So I have both and plan to keep both because I like parts of both. I hope and assume as Autel matures those tweaks / options / and aftermarket support will come along like they did for DJI. The fact that they are now starting to release their SDK is a good step in that direction. Word of advice, if you keep your P3, turn down the braking to maybe save your shell from cracking and install some of those reinforcement plates.
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  13. Having flown side by side the xstar and the DJI p3p, here are my thoughts, please not these are just my personal observations and opinions. Hopefully they can be of some use.

    On Saturday I received my DJI phantom 3 pro I went over my brothers house, and we proceeded to test them.

    GPS mode: DJI p3p wins hands down. It just flew away (pun intended) from the XSP in GPS mode. This is with speed set to high. It was a substantial difference

    Attitude mode: Things were more even here, but i still think the DJI held the edge.

    This section is complicated because each one has its own strengths.
    In my brothers subdivision:
    the Xstar got about a 25% range increase over the DJI, the camera feed was less glitch as well. I got the DJI to 2800 feet. The xstar made it to 3500.

    With range booster(parabolic antenna reflector):
    The DJI took the edge here going out to 4200 feet before RTH enabled. Oddly the range booster didn't really change the Xstars range. (again just my experience) Signal feed remained laggy on the DJI.

    Line of site:
    here is where the tables really turned. I live in Richmond, and we went south of the city across the river to my brothers job. We stood ontop of some storage containers and flew towards the city. It was line of site.

    The xstar failed miserably here. The video feed became unusable half way to the city.
    control signal stayed until i got across the river or about 4000 feet. ( i was using the range extender) I had no visual feed so i had no idea what i was recording, how close i was to buildings etc, so i brought it back closer. Video feed didn't stabilize until 2000 feet.

    The DJI (without) on the other hand flew into the city, there are some really cool shots my brother took flying over some skyscrapers. He had full video feed, and had gone much farther. I asked him to bring it back, but it still had good signal. whats more, the drone was usable at that distance.

    Note: i know the DJI has better range on the specs, but in line of site, with range boosters, i never hit the 1.2 mile mark, and i should have been able to eek a little more.

    Camera: Xstar wins hands down. better low light detail, and its much better at dealing with a setting sun in images than the DJI. In addition the removable gimble is a huge benefit here.

    I like the xstar remote better, it feels better to hold and i really like the telemetry on the remote itself. My phone died while flying the DJI and i was blind. luckily it was nearby.
    I do like the mounting bracking on the DJI remote better but overall the Xstar wins here

    Bang for your buck:
    I got my DJI for 799 all in from amazon. The Autel was 785 all in with price match at best buy.
    15$ isn't a deciding factor.
    But, the autel wins this category, because in addition to having all the features of the DJI it also comes with a nice case, and a much larger memory card. I had to empty the DJI twice, not so for the xstar.

    Autel wins this hands down. Bigger (slightly) battery, better fly time in almost every flight.
    the battery also charges faster. I set up both to charge DJI ~50% and the autel ~40%
    The autel completed charging at least 10 minutes before the DJI. not huge, but a win for autel.

    Stability/flight characteristics:
    I hate to say it, but the DJI is lightyears ahead in this category. This category changed my mind when the wind started going

    Here are my issues with the autel:
    1 it wobbles and shakes when climbing and landing. Im not talking a vibration, its visible from the ground.
    When Going full speed in attitude mode it starts making a weird noise, this is probably nothing but its disconcerting with 800$ in the air It also does a poor job of moving horizontally and vertically at the same time. Ive notice it slows down quite a bit when dropping and climbing.
    in changing wind conditions the Xstar seemed to have issues staying level and stable that the DJI did not.
    the autel still has the drifting issue

    The DJI has none of these issues, it was rock solid stable, it was faster to change direction, and it did well with diving and moving forward, and the important part it did not make me nervous when the wind came up.

    I ended up keeping the DJI, it definitely looses in some regards. but because of the line of site range, the aftermarket parts available, and the factor that changed my mind and put DJI over the top was the stability. At the end of the day, The DJI will give me better range, especially with the itelite mod, and most importantly, it doesn't make me nervous when things get touchy.

    I still think the XStar is a great drone, but between the two the DJI works better for me.
  14. Well it is funny that you also run an independent testing of these to Drones, as I have also done some of my own testing between these to Drones. Although I came out with some different results having the Autel come out on top of the DJI. I was a little concerned that you stated the Autel was shaking and vibrating, I have yet to ever see my X Star Premium shaking wobbling or vibrating (unsure about other owners, but have not heard of that till your statement), as far as the battery goes you are correct on both cases, a little longer in flight time (average on fully charged batteries of about 2 to 3 minutes, and the Autel definitely charges Batteries quicker). The camera on the X Star Premium is definitely better then the DJI (and with the ability to quickly detach it is a bonus). Also having the telemetry on the display of the remote is outstanding (as you don't have to use a tablet or phone if you don't want to), and as far as distance from the remote the DJI only beat the X Star Premium with the aid of the parabolic anteena helpers and really wasn't that much farther. I will agree that the DJI does seem to have a little more pull of the line and will out run the X Star Premium from a dead hoover to a point and back (probably why it burns up the battery quicker) I'm not sure what the wind speed was on your test, but I did a test during a windy day (10-15 mph winds with gusts of 22-27) and it held its own. I do not see the issue that you discussed about the X STAR not being able to hold a position in GPS mode, but my Drone doesn't drift around, and if I reach up and grab it to drag it away from its position, and it immediately began to fight to remain in its location, and after I dragged it away it would return to the spot that I began to drag it away from. I would agree with you that when flying and you remove your hands from the sticks it does drift a little till it began to hoover, (but there is going to be a firmware update in the first quarter which is suppose to address, drift, sonars and infer red eye) In short you could have 50 people conduct this test and get 50 different opinions. Plus the Autel app and all of the atonomis Flight programs a definitely easier to use, with alot more functions the the DJI App. So in conclusion I would have to disagree with your assessment of the DJI vs X Star Premium, but again this is just my opinion. But I am sure that you would get quite a few others hear on this site that are or have had experience between the two Drones in question. DJI has been around alot longer then Autel, but for their first Drones they did a good job the first time around and Autel Customer Service can't be beat hands down, in my and others opinion.
  15. It is extremely possible that the XSP i had was faulty.
    As far as the drift comment, I was evaluating on current performance. I think the range comes down to interference vs LOS.

    I do have to disagree about the app. I find the DJI go app to have a lot more tweaks, like the Gain. As i said it was fairly close. I agree with most of your points. as for the stability, its less of position holding than it is the XSP was shaking in the wind, and rocking. I was very close to keeping the Xstar. But the best footage my drones have taken was done by the DJI when the xstar couldn't even get there.

    At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with either Drone at $800 IMO. I just wanted to give my observations and reasons for choosing the way i did.
    I am excited to see what autel brings out next. By this time next year im sure ill be ready for another.

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