Yaw rate on XSP

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  1. Does anyone know if you can change the yaw rate on the XSP? I don't know if it's me or the controller but it will be smooth then accelerate without moving the stick.
  2. From what I've read over the past few months, this issue is common and Autel so far has chosen not to fix it.


    Dan K.
  3. When the new firmware comes out at the end of the first quarter the Yaw rate will be fixed. This is one of the main reasons for the new firmware. Autel has been testing the new firmware for over a month and says its going good.
  4. You could in the meanwhile, unscrew the tops of your joystick making them longer and easier to control slight inputs of your control sticks. Just don't forget to tighten the locking nut.

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  5. ok cool I thought it was me!......Come on firmware......
  6. Takes time and patience to accomplish new FW- if its hurried -
    well let's put it this way- junk in- junk out- glad to see they-
    Autel is not hurrying the upgrades-

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